Meet Boo, a Cuties’ best friend

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This is the story of little Boo, a very special little girl I’ve been very lucky to find.

It all started when Boo’s maman decided to buy her Dotty, my favourite Cutie. I had to remake Dotty for myself as I couldn’t be without her! I know… but Dotty’s my lucky Cutie and we all need one of them!

Without going into it too much, being unable to have a baby weighs heavily on my mind daily. It may surprise you to hear that in the last few years, it has become very difficult for me to be around children.

I manage this by avoiding pretty much most of my friends who have children, by avoiding going out during the school runs and by also avoiding looking at all the beautiful baby pictures people post on t’internet.

Boo’s papa sent me a lovely photo when Dotty got there and at first it made me cry a little when I looked at her, Boo was so cute and delighted with Dotty. It reminded me of why I am here, and I got a pinch in my heart. I’d almost forgotten for a minute with all this concentrating on trying to build up my plea, how much I want a go at this and what it means to me.

A couple of weeks later, I received a personal message from Boo’s papa, telling me she had been poorly in hospital, not eating for days. He sounded very worried.

He asked what the biggest owl I could make was so I had a think and then I remembered, my Molly of course! I had decided to keep Molly with us so she sat in the lounge with Dotty and me. And then I thought (I think A LOT), Molly really needs a home (I can’t keep them all ) and Boo is really poorly so maybe I could do something. I offered to send Molly as a present, from the Cuties to Boo, to help her recover. It felt like the right thing to do.

I know I am trying to raise money (and sharing this story was not my idea), but sometimes it’s not about money is it? And although I don’t believe in much anymore, I believe in love and in being a good person. Doing a good deed is never a waste. (Throwing the biggest love vibes into the universe right now hoping it hits me back right in the heart!)

Knowing that this little girl was so poorly made me look at my situation in a different way for the first time in a while. All the beautiful children everywhere, why am I scared of them?

I’ve known and loved my friends’ kids since they were babies and I miss them a lot. So really all I’m doing is depriving myself of all the love they give me.

I made a little nest for Molly that evening and filled it with Easter chicks. I posted her the next day, first class, hoping she would get there quick! Thank you to Mr Postman, the email came the next day. Molly was there, safe and sound, woop!

The email was shortly followed by a photo of Boo with Molly and Dotty looking after her, and a message that said: “First time she’s smiled in days, you don’t know how much this means to us, thank you!”.

Did I cry? Of course I did! I have some idea of how much this meant.

You will be glad to know that today Boo is all better, she’s back at school and actually learning to crochet, hum hum… I think there’s a job here at Cuties HQ coming up for Boo! Boo also gives me the thumbs up about new Cuties I make which really helps me ensure I keep my quality up!

Boo’s maman has been back since and got herself a Cutie called Sally, though it looks like Boo’s adopted her already!

So, my point. Thanks to Boo, Molly and Dotty, not only is my hope growing, I’ve also made a BoosTeam1new friend, a little girl I may have avoided before just to spare my feelings.

Now I know that it’s ok and I don’t have to be scared. Sure I will still get tearful, and probably won’t be going to the shops at 3.30pm just yet, but I’ve made another positive step in the right direction and that’s what it’s all about!

High five to Boo!