Valerie and Ginger

We all know that Cuties live in trees and Valerie is no exception!  She recently upgraded to a two up two down and also got herself a pal!  Ginger the cat. We recently got granted access inside the treehouse! Check this out :)

Every morning, Ginger wakes Valerie up for breakfast… I think we all know that feeling!

Valerie is a keen crafter, she enjoys knitting and doing crochet and she often goes with Bez to the craft clubs, she’s the designated driver at Bez Creations!

Val is a bookworm and she’s also very good at writing, she mainly writes blanket patterns.  She is of course computer literate, all Cuties are, and she always helps Bez with her social media, she loves a bit of Facebook Val does!

Valerie is a very house-proud Cutie, she's always cleaning especially when her friends are visiting, although you can’t beat a chill out with Ginger and a hot choc in a clean house! Val and Ginge have so much fun together, they're favourite games is making houses with the cushions! 

Her favourite room is the kitchen, she loves to cook and bake the only trouble is the washing up! Ginger is never anywhere to be seen when it’s time to do the dishes…

Val loves nothing more than a hot bath at the end of a long day before a cosy warm night in her bed with Ginger!

It’s a good life being a Cutie ;) we hope you enjoyed visiting Val’s treehouse, you’re welcome anytime, the kettle is always on!  xx

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Thank you x

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