Valerie and Bez

Ever since Valerie arrived at Bez's creations, she's been enjoying doing what we do best, crochet, she loves her life!

We have been told that she is really helpful, whether she's doing marketing, ordering wool or in the sewing box, she's always on hand and of course, she loves to have her photo taken with their beautiful makes.

Valerie lives with Berit and her family, she's also made friends with Ebony the cat and Dino, they love chilling on their cosy blankets! Valerie has also been known to make a few deliveries to the post office! She's so helpful, we are very proud of her.

Together, they make quality handmade crochet goods for family, house and home. Textile blankets, clothing, accessories and decorative home ware.

Please visit Valerie and Bez to see what they've been up to on Etsy, Facebook and also Twitter.


Thank you x