Somewhere Else Coffee House and Bakery


Well well these are probably some of our luckiest Cuties in the world!

. There is a little place in Sheffied, it's called Somewhere Else Coffee House & Bakery... we warn you though, enter at your own perils...

This Mother and Daughter duo also knowns as Caroline and Katie make the best coffee in the land and also the most amazing cakes!

Not only do these two fabulous ladies have their own Cuties; Fudge and Button they also have a full display of Cuties and Dotty Cards for their customers to adopt.  

Fudge and Button can often be found hanging in the cups :) 

We absolutely adore Somewhere Else and we hope to one day go and taste some of these amazing cakes...

Dotty is always checking out their page!

Please give them a follow and if you are lucky enough to live near by, have a slice for us!

Yum! x

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