Dotty and Audrey

Audrey is a little cutie who loves to dance (watch her Zumba moves) and sing (A karaoke Champion).  

Audrey is an amazing little girl who makes people smile.

Whenever I feel sad, I go watch one of her videos and she inspires me to keep going.

Little Audrey and her family are spreading the word about Diamond Blackfan Anemia (which Audrey has). 

So, enjoy Dotty and Audrey's adventures and please visit the following pages.

The DBA Foundation

Please also check out Audrey's DBA's photobooth on Facebook, guaranteed to make you smile!! 

This is just a little thank you to Audrey for all the smiles she gives us.

Thank you hunnie bunny and keep on rocking!  We hope you are all better now. "Shake it off!" 

Dotty and Steffie