Daisy and Daisy


Welcome to the world of Daisy and Daisy!

What do you know, our Cutie Daisy has found a best friend who has the same name as her and what a fabulous pair they make!

Daisy Cutie has made so many friends since she moved in she is ALWAYS having fun! 

We were so excited when little Daisy posted us some photo, it's been amazing catching up with our Cutie.

She's really been spoilt and she has so many friends, we're told she's really happy! Daisy loves playing hide and seek with her poney friend, she has her own car and she gets to share jewellery with Daisy!  

The fun never ends! It's the perfect Cutie life! 

So, we want to say a huge thank you to Daisy, the young lady, for looking after our Cutie so well and also to her Mama Lisa!

Lisa is an amazing crafter, please pop in and see her creations on Etsy and on their website at Sparkly Surprises.

Thank you! xx