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Howdy Cuties!

So, the first tip I’ve learnt about blogging is this: Do it when it’s on your mind and don’t try force it when it’s not, woman!

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been speaking to a few people who blog to help me learn, get tips ideas and inspiration. I’ve also started to follow a few blogs, all of them very different. One of them is about weddings, a no go in our home sadly Mr Hall…

What strikes me about these blogs is that it isn’t always the content that grabs me but rather the feelings I get by reading these people.  Their personalities shine through and that is what makes me want to read them, their honesty, their quirkiness, their passion, their fears and their hopes.  I really want to get good at this so I too can let go, be me and not be scared to just say what is on my mind.

The other day, Shaun said to me; “I really like Molly’s blog, her writing is fantastic no matter what she writes about”, and that’s my point exactly.  I am literally surrounded by Bridget Joneses everywhere and you are all FABULOUS!  Dottyblog2

A couple of people have written (or are in the process of writing) about me and someone has also offered for me to guest-blog on theirs and put an ad on there for me. How kind are you all and where have you been all my life?!

I love that idea and although I’m nervous, I’m excited to have been asked to write for someone else’s page, I am also VERY interested in having guest bloggers on here!  I think it will bring some variety to my blog whilst I share with you the genius of these people.  I already have a few people in mind but if this is something you are interested in please contact me.

When I first saw that someone had posted about me on their blog, it made me realise how I would also love to write about these great people. As I’m said very new to this so I apologise if this all seems basic.

To the amazing people who support me, the people who make me laugh every day and the people who encourage me, I’d like to give back a little bit of what you’ve all given me and I only hope I do you all justice.  I am truly inspired and I can’t wait to share with you all the friends I’ve made who are now part of my world and who I hope will be there forever.

I want to share some of these blogs I follow, please have a look, but come back…!  Comments are now open on for my blog so please come on, register and have a chat chat chat!!

Oh and have a look at our first guest blogger here, introducing Dotty…!

Peace and love to you all,

Steffie x

Jacquelyn  at ClickClackKnits: My fave knitter extraordinaire.

Molly   at Stuffing Jars: Wordsmith and my business manager a little bit.

Charlotte at The Song Bird: Guaranteed to give you a taste for France, my home.

Nic  at NicNacs Cards: To remind you of how important love and kindness is.

Ceri  at My Big Fat Wedding: My maid of honour if I ever change my mind!

Damion  at Damion Elson: T.I.M or as I call him T’Internet Master.

Lucy  at Bottomface: Respect for your honesty and constant kind words.

Erin  at Erin Summers, my Colchester pal: For a bit more inspiration.

Chloe & Abigail at Butter Cumble: If you need more cuteness in your life.

PS: I know it’s a pain but when you register with us, please check for your confirmation email as it sometimes ends up in junk. Remember to mark us as not junk….  Merci! X


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