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The end of the road


Hello everyone, I just turned 45; I have been told by my specialists, GP and nurse, it’s over, it would be...Read more >>>



I feel like I’m drowning.  Drowning in isolation, drowning in sorrows and I am drowning in food. I have completely lost...Read more >>>

How dare I…


Aaaahh good old school holidays… It’s only been a week and already my social feeds are clogged up with people complaining...Read more >>>

I’m sorry


Hi It’s been about a month since I last blogged and it has been another horrible month. Two heavy blows in...Read more >>>

Billy Blobs


2017 has barely started and I am already losing the will. The year started badly and it’s just got worse. Saying...Read more >>>



I’m not going to lie, this is probably the lowest I’ve ever felt throughout my history of depression and my journey...Read more >>>

Dear faceless troll


Dear faceless troll, Thank you for your messages. Although I am taking a few days off to grieve and allow my...Read more >>>

Three minutes


Three minutes is all it took to break my heart.  Seven years of waiting, two years of hard work and hoping, it’s...Read more >>>

The two week wait


Four days to go and I am in absolute hell, we both are, it started last night, by far the hardest night...Read more >>>

They’re here…


Hi  everyone, it’s been a tough couple of weeks, ups and downs, smiles and a lot of crying for nothing but...Read more >>>

Step 2


Hello everybody Welcome to step 2 of our IVF treatment.  Right now we’re growing follicles! It is day 8 of injections...Read more >>>

Day one


Hello everyone, it’s been a while! We hope you all had good Christmas.  Happy end of what’s been a pretty shaky...Read more >>>

Lumps and bumps


Hi everyone, It has been ages since my last post, last blog was in May to be precise. I have been...Read more >>>

My bumpy road to IVF


It’s been a while since I wrote and this is because things have been a bit tough recently… I warn you,...Read more >>>

A wonderful bunch…


I am so pleased and a little overwhelmed to announce that after just over a year of hard work we have...Read more >>>

Kindness is magic


Hi, Yesterday was a good “friends’ day” for me, no real work despite my long list of to do things, just...Read more >>>

Today is a bad day


Today is one of my terrible days. It’s been brewing since Monday, since we went to visit the Lupus Clinic in...Read more >>>

The good and the bad


Hi everyone, As we get closer to our first attempt at IVF I feel that I must keep you (our supporters)...Read more >>>

One year on


On the 29th of November 2014, just over a year ago, I listed my first Cutie on Etsy.  Christmas was coming...Read more >>>



We are #1in6 couple in the UK struggling to have a child. Hi, I’m Steffie and I am 42. As many...Read more >>>



Hello lovely people, I hope everyone is well. I’ve not blogged in a while because on the whole I’ve been feeling...Read more >>>



Hello everyone… It’s that time again. Yesterday I nearly gave up.  (Spoiler alert: this blog ends well) The last few days have...Read more >>>

Another sleepless night


It’s 2.40 am, everyone is asleep, there’s a big thunderstorm going on outside…  It must be time for a blog! How...Read more >>>

Please leave me out of your “games”


I said there was no blog this month… Sorry, it turns out one has just come up. I would like to...Read more >>>

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…


Sunny our little Cutie needs a new home…   Our little Cutie Sunny is enjoying a break at the Sun Bay Hotel in Hope Cove...Read more >>>

The one about the GP


Hi, Thank you for all your messages and support following me writing my story, it means a lot to us both....Read more >>>

My story – Part Three Final


It took about two weeks for us to receive a letter from the new hospital, 25 miles away. I got an...Read more >>>

My story – Part Two


I’ve known Shaun for 14 years, we’ve been friends on and off depending on where we lived and how life was....Read more >>>

My story – Part One


What a great bunch you all are, the madness of twitter never ceases to amaze me and whether you’re “virtual” friends...Read more >>>

Meet Boo, a Cuties’ best friend.


This is the story of little Boo, a very special little girl I’ve been very lucky to find. It all started...Read more >>>