Update: July 2018 - Due to complicated health issues, we have been told that our dream is now over. 

Update: I am now 43 and our first IVF cycle failed in February 2017. 

I'm Steffie, I'm 41 and I have a lovely boyfriend called Shaun, a cheeky cat called Billy and a bowl full of fish. I was born in France and moved to England around 22 years ago.
I absolutely love all things crafty so if you make anything handmade, please show me!

My story started five years ago with a miscarriage left untreated…Today I can no longer make a baby myself.

The only way for us to have IVF treatment is to pay for it privately and as some of you may know, it costs a fortune and it can take a few goes.

So, we've put our heads together and we've decided that rather than feeling sad and waiting for our numbers to come up on the lottery, we need to get creative!

I have been a crafty crafter for years and a few months ago I started to make little Cuties, I gave them big pretty eyes and they started to cheer me up, they are literally all over my house!

One day when I was feeling sad I caught a glimpse of my Dotty and she actually smiled at me! Madebysteffieb was born.

I am very lucky because my lovely Shaun can make websites (more creativity…but way too technical for me) so I asked him to make me a little nest and look at this, isn't it beautiful?

I know that little me isn't going to be able to make thousands of Cuties but this is a good start and I like to think of it as a positive step forward toward realising my dream.
I'm not ready to give up just yet!

So, we have Cuties and website making...watch this space because my head is full of ideas, my hands just need to catch up.

I have started a blog (first time!) so you can follow our journey and if you have any ideas to help us fundraise please let me know.

Now you know a little bit more about me and madebysteffieb.  

Anything you want to ask, please contact me. Peace and love to you all,

Steffie x