Welcome to my little nest, it's full of Cuties which I am hoping you will love...I know I do.

We are saving up for IVF with the help of our gorgeous Cutie Dotty, her best friend Fluff and her hundreds of Cutie relatives!

Our first IVF attempt failed in February 2017, two years after we started our campaign.  It has been a painful blow after spending so long working and hoping, however we’re not giving up yet!

Please visit our shop, adopt a Cutie, browse our gift ideas, we also have a gofundme page for those of you who would like to help by donating.

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Please help us spread the word about the struggles of infertility, please help us try again.

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If you would like to custom your own Cutie, please get in touch and remember, the Cuties are easy to look after, all they need is love!

Thank you x

Disclaimer: Please do not use our photos/material without permission and always credit madebysteffieb. Please do not copy my Cuties as my patterns have been protected. Thank you. 

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LOVE LOVE LOVE….So cute and well made. Talented lady. Has pride of place on my desk.x


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