Welcome to my little nest, it's full of Cuties which I am hoping you will love...I know I do.

These gorgeous creatures have come together to try help me raise money to have IVF and make my dream come true.

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And remember, If you see something you love but you would like it in a different colour, write to me.  Custom orders must be paid in advance.

Enjoy my Cuties, they're filled with love! x

Disclaimer: Please do not use our photos/material without permission and always credit madebysteffieb. Please do not copy my Cuties as my patterns have been protected. thank you. 

Christmas is coming!

Adopt a Cutie this Christmas! 

PS: Cuties are for life, not just for Christmas x


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Cuties Reviews


LOVE LOVE LOVE....So cute and well made. Talented lady. Has pride of place on my desk.x



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